Frances Tiafoe a true diamond

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Acapulco, Gro., February 24th .- If Frances Tiafoe could change anything in the world, he would end the confrontation between countries and he will seek world peace. He defines himself as a humble and nice guy. He is a diamond for his father, who worked in the mines of Sierra Leona.

Tiafoe walks thru the facilities of the hotel and tournament looking relaxed. He takes pictures with the fans. He walks smiling to everyone and hugs the people he knows. Definitely he has a great charisma. He likes the tournament because, “you have everything within reach and the fans are great”.

He enjoys the contact with the fans, he always gives show and loud celebrations. Among his fans there is always his family.

This American jewel, number 29 in the world ranking, knows that the best is yet to come. This year his goal is to be at the Top 15 of the world ranking. He will debut in Abierto Mexicano Telcel presented by HSBC against the Australin Jordan Thompson (number 68 in the ranking).

He admits he hasn’t reached his full potential yet, “I´ve never thought to get where I am now, for me it is really special to be able to help my family” he admits.

He considers that the begging of the tournament will be tough, although he hopes to play great tennis, especially after his great performance at the Australian Open, where he reached the quarterfinals, in which he lost to Rafael Nadal.

“I had some incredible weeks and today I feel very happy to play in a big event again, face great opponents, because that raises my level; I think now they’re going to try to play better against me”, admits the winner of Delray Beach in 2018.

His biggest dream, like that of almost every tennis player, is to win a Grand Slam tournament and specially winning the US Open for me would be incredible for him.

Nothing simple to achieve, due to this generation quality of players. “It’s hard to maintain the level, but when you see your opponents you know that you must work day by day to achieve it. But today I know I can fight against great players and beat them”, he says.

His peculiar way celebration on the court is part of his personality, “I’m definitely very noisy, a simple guy who likes the crowds to support him on the court.”

This week he wants to show the Mexican fans that he can be among the best, that he has the qualities to achieve it and put American tennis back at the top.


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