Thompson leaves Feliciano López out of AMT2017 during 1R

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February 27, 2017

Thompson surprised everyone after eliminating Spaniard Feliciano Lopez, a big favorite amongst Mexican followers in the Acapulco contest. The Australian player entered the main draw as a lucky loser but worked hard to compensate and loose the second adjective after coming stepping up his game during the second and third sets. Jordan (79 ATP) took advantage of Feliciano’s (31 ATP) evident poor physical condition.

The Spaniard made the impression that he was going to win the match after wining the first set with 6-2 scores, and it was during the second and third sets that his rival turned around the outcome. Thompson scored a break in the sixth game (4-2) and Feli wasn’t able to fight back after this, unable to control his drive, Lopez’ hits fell far from the side-line and his desperation became evident play after play. Still, Feliciano fell victim to his drive and he was not able to endure throughout the game and was beaten by Thompson in a 2hr15min game. Feli obtained a mere 53% first serve effectiveness and won 43 out of 74 points and only connected 4 ace serves. Thompson scored the same amount of direct serves, two doubles and saves 17 out of 21 breakpoints.


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