The future of tennis is in Alexander Zverev’s hands

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If we talk about young people with a future, it’s necessary to mention a young man who left us speechless while admiring his style that ended up giving him victories in important tournaments. His name is Alexander Zverev, a german tennis player who has the future of tennis in his hands.

Son of the tennis players Irina and Alexander Zverev Sr, Sascha was trained first by his mother, of whom Alexander has inherited a skill which has been infallible in the court: his backhand, which is known as one of his best weapons, because it is one of the most powerful in the circuit.

“When I was younger I relied on her guidance. Hence my technique. My backhand, in particular, is 100% to my mom’s credit,” said the younger Zverev during an interview.

His parents acknowledge the high level that the youngest of their children has reached. Even before the question “which of your children is the best in tennis?”, the answer is clear, and the father attributes Alexander’s success to the current time. Consider the fact that Sascha began his career when the “Fantastic Four” already existed, which is an advantage, since he’s always pushing himself to beat them.

He is not the only one who recognizes the great level and quality of the younger Zverev in tennis. Rafael Nadal spoke of the young german when he faced him in the third round of the 2017 Australian Open. Before the microphones, the spaniard acknowledged that Alexander Zverev is “the present and future of tennis”. In that match the spaniard managed to win, but took the upset in the first set by the german.

Alexander Zverev was the surprise/break-out of 2017; at the age of 20 he managed to reach the final of the Italian Open, where he defeated Djokovic and won his first Masters title. He kept notching excellent results in the Canadian Open, which he also won, and in November he reached the ATP’s number three spot.

He managed to close the year in the number four spot in the world, so going forward in 2018, he’s expected to keep demonstrating why there are so many hopes placed on him to be one of the circuit leaders for several more years.

Winner of two Masters 1000 in 2017, Sascha must be itching to go for one of the most important trophies: a Grand Slam, one of his pending goals, but because of his level, he seems to be very close indeed.

In February, Alexander will step on the courts of Acapulco to try to conquer the Guaje de Plata and thus have a promising start for the rest of 2018. What are his true options in the AMT? In a couple of months that question will dissipate.


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