David Ferrer´s dreams

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Acapulco, Guerrero, February 25.- He has been four times champion in Acapulco. His simplicity and passion on the court and to the public, have made him one of the favorites of tennis fans.

He is David Ferrer, a man who enjoys his profession to the fullest, he dedicates hours of training and he has won 27 titles, over 18 years. At 35 years of age he remains among the best 40 tennis players in the world (38-ATP). His best position in the ATP ranking was number three, in 2013. Today, he enjoys every game, knowing that the time to retire is closer.
He knows when he retires his life will change a little. “The day will come, at first it won’t be easy, but you need to understand that it is another stage of your life, not better nor worse, but different. But you must try to maintain the illusion, whatever you do, “says the Valencian.

One of the things you will do when the time comes to leave behind the racket will be to enjoy more time with your family and to do another type of sport. “By no longer having the extra pressure that tennis gives you I would spend more time with my people.”
Something that has distinguished David’s career is his perseverance, something that allowed him to play 50 consecutive Grand Slams, before losing at Wimbledon 2015, due to a right elbow injury.

That’s why he would also take time to know places like Italian Tuscany, Egypt, a country he has never been to, or Istanbul, “I’m sure I’ll do many things. I can not imagine the future, because I am still a player, but I see myself starting a family and having a passion for my work, which will surely be linked to tennis, as a coach, trainer … I do not know. “
What he does know is that in the future he wants to be a good father, next to his wife Marta, “maybe the way to educate my children is what worries me the most. And of course, globally, I’m worried about war, crises, famine, I think we have to appreciate the value of things and have a greater vision, beyond the tennis racket. “

For now, David is ready to start playing at Abierto Mexicano de Tennis Telcel, presented by HSBC, one of his favorite tournaments and which he will face in the first round Andrey Rublev, one of the new figures of this sport and in which they will face the experience and David’s fight against the impetus and strength of Andrey.



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