A first class Stadium for a first class tournament

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  • Arena Mia, the tennis complex Will be ready by the end of the year


Abierto Mexicano de Tenis Telcel, presentado por HSBC, will have a new house next year, a brand-new stadium with all the comfort and technologies to give the espectators an amazing experience.

José Moyao, the responsible architect of the tennis complex Arena Mia, anticipated that, “the player will feel secure in the courts and the spectators will feel very close to them”, he explained that in this sports precinct the last fan will be as far as 50 meters of the court, which makes it something extraordinary. “As a reference, in Auditorio Nacional the last spectator is 100 meters away from the stage, this will make the experience very intimate for the fans”.

The tennis complex, as the architectural canons dictate, will be placed from north to south, which will avoid the glare by sunlight, “During the morning you can play without any problem, and by night we have the lighting of three thousand luxes (lighting unit), which allows it to be uniform throughout the court, Moyao said,  he was also responsible of the construction of Foro Mundo Imperial.

A very important point is the commitment to build the complex with top technology innovations to create a better experience and being conscious about the care of our planet. The stadium will have the capacity to host 10 thousand 195 spectators, and the seats will be fabricated with UV resistant polymers, while the roof will be a membrane that casts shadow and only LED lighting will be used, in case of a power outage the recovery will be immediate.

The stadium will use rainwater collected in a water tank; we will count with a water treatment plant to provide the service to the bathrooms. For the air conditioning matter, this will only be in closed areas, and energy savings are given using LEDs with the quality required; being fully standardized with sports lighting requirements, which avoids any glare for tennis players”.

The tennis complex structure it’s a combination between concrete and iron, in addition the complex will have two GrandStands, one with the capacity to host 3 thousand fans and the other will be able to host 1500 spectators.

The stadium will count with private boxes, and suites with 18 seats each. There will be a food court, 4 elevators and the Payers Lounge.

All the areas will be easy access for everyone.

“Obviously it will meet all the safety regulations, it is a type A building, everything has been done as it is supposed and we are 30 percent above of what the regulation for damage indicates”, said the architect.

The foundation of the building has a considerable progress, 153 of the 160 required piles have been placed and the structure is already built; one part is being fabricated in Mexico City and the other in San Luis Potosí. “The plan is to conclude the construction of the complex in December 2020, test it during January and have it ready for the 2021 tournament”.

The dimensions of the court surface will be 46 meters long (including the back of the court) by 26 meters wide, the space will be multipurpose due to the fact that can be used for concerts and other sport events, this will allow the complex to be open for more than once a year, regardless of the fact that it is built 100 percent to develop tennis.

José Moyao says that overseeing such a big Project holds an enormous responsibility and he believes this complex has everything to escalate and grow exponentially. “Diamante zone has turn really attractive because of the closeness to Mexico City, because of multiple attractions has turned in to an important destination, the beach, hotels, restaurants, golf courses, Foro Imperial among others, and this complex will reinforce that attractive as a tourism destination”

He is now focused on the construction of the complex that without any doubt it will be the best stadium for the best tournament in Latin America.



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