Acapulco exceeds expectations in 2022

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  • Raúl Zurutuza, director of the tournament, qualified the AMT2022 as “incredible” and “a lot of new experience”.
  • He said the Tournament has room for improvement and, in 2023, the venue will be even more functional.
  • The tournament “was very positive” and starting next Monday, we will continue to work on the XXX edition.

Acapulco, February 26th. – The Tournament’s Director, Raúl Zurutuza, considered that the XXIX edition of the Abierto Mexicano Telcel Presentado por HSBC and the premiere of the Arena GNP Seguros as a new venue “has been incredible and we learned a lot”, which will help shape the 2023 Tournament.

“In conclusion, it was extraordinary, we had very good things, and we also learned a lot, we have a venue that is already the best tennis venue in Latin America, a modern stadium and some details to improve,” said Zurutuza in a press conference.

When Raul talked about the XXX edition, he said that starting next Monday he will start planning “because it is a very important year, it will be the tournament’s 30th anniversary”.

“2023 will be a very interesting year because I think we set the bar very high,” he said.

When talking about the venue’s improvements, he noted that the stadium courts will be completely repaired; “we will redo it”, in order to improve the entire area around the stadium.

“We have to improve the experience for the public, players, sponsors and press,” he said.

Zurutuza said he will insist on promoting the tournament: “we still want to be a Masters 1000”.

Regarding the presence of 5 of the Top 10 in the tournament, the Russian Daniil Medevedev (No.2), the German Alexander Zverev (No.3), the Greek Stefanos Tsipas (No.4), the Spanish Rafael Nadal (No.5) and the Italian Matteo Berrettini (No. 6), said that “it is possible to improve but in order to achieve this, we have to work hard”.

When speaking about Medvedev, he pointed out that there is a good chance that “he will return next year and become a fixed asset of the tournament, and Acapulco will be in his calendar”.

Raul also mentioned that in 2023, the ATP tournament’s schedule will go back to normal, and Acapulco and Indian Wells Master 1000 will be “back-to-back”, the same for 2024 and 2025, indicating that “on paper we should have a very good player field and that puts us in a very strategic position”.

Raul thanked the players for their comments and suggestions, “we had zero complaints” and mentioned that next year will be a new challenge.

Regarding the young player, Rodrigo Pacheco, Raul said the player had a great tournament since everyone supported him all week and “he managed to train with almost all the players, he only missed Nadal” and believes that “sooner or later, the Top 100 player will arrive (from Mexico), but the infrastructure is ready”.

Zurutuza also highlighted the response of the public towards the tournament which he described as “extraordinary” and also thank the work from Mextenis who made the tournament “a success”.

He said that the company seeks the return of a WTA tournament but now as owners of the franchise.


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