Renata burillo leads the new era of the AMT

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  • The president of the Board of Directors of Mextenis explores the new venue
  • She assures that the Stadium has met all expectations when it comes to the magnitude and architecture

One of the biggest dreams for the president of the Board of Directors of MexTenis was fulfilled: The Arena GNP Seguros was finally inaugurated. Renata Burillo enjoys the beginning of a new era in the Abierto Mexicano Telcel presentado por HSBC “Seeing it finished made me feel a lot of excitement. It never ceases to surprise me. The truth is that I still continue to explore more areas. It is not the same to plan and project an idea, than to live them with people and all activities.”

Renata confessed that she is excited to explore the new venue little by little, she also had the opportunity to talk to fans and has received good comments “Everyone was very impressed by the size of the stadium! The venue is intended that, from the main entrance, everything else feels in harmony, and we think the people have had that feeling. Beautiful courts, walkable distances, there are more bathrooms, more bars. The experience is better. We’re exploring new things. I’m still in shock. I’m still looking for the best way to get to my office, for example. I’m in no hurry to discover and live the new venue.”

On the other hand, she recalled the reason behind a new venue “Part of the desire we had to change headquarters was to offer more content, more entertainment, more experiences to the public. Before, the space we had was very limited. However, we were facing the sea in the previous stadium, now we aren’t, and we believed that was going to be a great loss, but from my point of view, being on the golf course made us remember nature. We respect the trees that were there and that integrated the area”.

Burillo was also impressed by the historic opening day of the venue with a new record “It is incredible, you think you’ve seen everything and when you least expect it, there are surprises. It’s part of the live entertainment, it was very special. People didn’t leave the stadium that morning”.

Finally, with the return of Rafa Nadal, with a historical draw, and with the presence of the best talent of the Top 10 in Acapulco, Renata highlighted Nadal’s presence and said that she is not ready for the outcome of the Big Three.

“I think it is still very difficult to overcome. They’re off the charts, even when we’re already focused on new generations, something like Australia happens. I love what is happening with the younger ones but there are many things missing to compare from the veterans. When the Big Three had the age of many of these younger players, they had already accomplished a lot. I love the effort that the ATP has made to promote new generations, I think it is very important because we cannot stay with one, two or three players, we are human, and careers have an end”.


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